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Elevate your DJ game with DMS (Direct Music Service), the ultimate online mp3 music pool tailored for professional DJs, producers, radio mixers, and music directors. Unleash your creativity and rock the dancefloor with our exclusive #teamDMS edits & remixes, meticulously crafted by our renowned in-house remixers including Drew and Fuse, Danny Diggz, DJ Scooter, Zillionaire, and more.

Our diverse genre collection caters to open format DJs, spanning from rock, pop, and 90s hip-hop to House and timeless classics. We curate the best, sparing you from sifting through the noise.

And guess what? If you're missing a track, a simple request is all it takes. Our dedicated team will hunt it down and tailor it to your needs.

Say goodbye to being tied to your laptop. With our cutting-edge iOS and Android mobile app, your creativity knows no bounds. Imagine effortlessly accessing your tracks on-the-fly, synced seamlessly with your Dropbox for instant downloads before your gig. Convenience meets innovation.

Don't just take our word for it. Industry legends like Lil Jon, Z-Trip, Jazzy Jeff, Ryan Seacrest, Shaq and Mixmaster Mike rely on DMS to amplify their sets. Curious?

Join the ranks of the elite. Elevate your DJ prowess with DMS. Your audience deserves nothing less.



What You Get

  • The finest quality DJ edits in the business. We specialize in DJ friendly intros, natural sounding re-drums, short edits, acapella outs, DJ tools, samples, loops, hype edits, transitions & more. Anything that makes a DJs performance better, we supply it!
  • Members get access to our FREE mobile app for iOS or Android phones that allows you to get all your work done on fly, wherever you are. Our mobile app syncs directly to your Dropbox account for simple downloading when you open your laptop.
  • DMS is updated 5 times per week, you can download new files every week day, Monday to Friday.
  • We take song quality seriously. All files are encoded at 256 or 320 kbps.
  • You can submit requests for our editing team, so you can get the edits YOU want!
  • Thousands of EXCLUSIVE edits you won't find ANYWHERE else.
  • Incredibly wide range of music edits from all decades of the most popular genres.
  • Sophisticated search engine, state of the art preview player, top downloads charts and a flawless navigation system to find & listen to whatever you are looking for.
  • Pro Monthly & Pro Yearly customers receive a complimentary PRO membership to, the premiere website for quality video edits. is the exclusive home for DMS exclusive video content!

Subscription Terms

  • You MUST BE a working professional in the music industry (DJ, producer, radio employee or music director) to join our site. Our site is a promotional music site for industry professionals ONLY. Checking the agree box on the payment page is acceptance of these terms. NO EXCEPTIONS. Direct Music Service reserves all rights for membership and may terminate a membership at any time if it discovers any violation(s) of terms.
  • You will not receive immediate access to our service. Your application will be reviewed to make sure you qualify for our service as a music professional. The review process can take from a few minutes up to 24 hours. You will be notified via email as soon as your application is approved or declined.
  • Applications will be reviewed after the first payment is received.
  • DMS is a monthly recurring payment membership website, you will be billed each month until you cancel the service. If you are on a yearly package, you will be billed again on the same date the following year unless canceled.
  • All monthly memberships are for monthly access to the record pool NOT individual downloads. Unused downloads will carry over from month to month providing your account stays active. If you cancel your account, you will have until the end of your billing cycle to access those downloads. Any unused downloads will remain in your account should you decide to reactivate at a later date.
  • Subscriptions paid using a PayPal eCheck will not be activated until the payment has cleared in PayPal.
  • All edit requests and submissions are subject to our discretion. Making a request or submitting an edit does not guarantee the edit will be posted on DMS.
  • Use of Download Managers, such as iGetter, are prohibited for use with our site and may result in the banning of your IP address from DMS.
  • Agree to terms & conditions and privacy policy

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